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  • Frills and fancy finery

  • A great deal of fuss or attention given to a minor matter

I have been involved with leather for over 30 years in one way or an other. I became interested in shooting during my mid 20's; in particular with black powder firearms such as flintlock, percussion rifles, and pistols. I began building my own kits because I could not afford off-the-shelf guns. Soon I started building bags, holsters and cases for the guns. I also was interested in the reenactment side of the field and began making my own buckskin clothing, all hand sewn. I taught myself how to brain tan leather, and eventually that led to teaching myself the fine art of tooling leather.
In our modern age, where everything is made fast and cheap -- leather products are stamped out hundreds at a time and then sewn in sweat shops in developing nations. Be assured that my products are made in my shop here in San Diego, California, one at a time, by these old tough hands.
--Mike Holbach, 
  Foo-Fa-Raw Leatherwork
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